Places in Greece

Places to visit in Greece

Thessaloniki Greece

Thessaloniki, which is the second largest city of Greece, does not offer you any less than the rest of the Greek holiday resorts, beautiful beaches, sunshine and a lot of history. It is located in the northern province of Central Macedonia and is known internationally because of the famous Thessaloniki Film Festival

Thessaloniki is a major Greek center of Greek culture and history. One of the major landmarks of the city is the White Tower, which was built in the 15th century by the Byzantines and has been turned into a museum.Thessaloniki is situated at a crossroad of cultures, which is one of the reasons why this historical city features a number of historical attractions that represent various cultures including the Greek, Roman, Macedonian, Byzantine, Ottoman and Jewish.

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Zakynthos – Paradise on Earth

Zakynthos is the third largest of the Greek Ionian Islands, and is located just off the Western coast of the mainland.

Zakynthos is considered to be the most beautiful travel destinations in the entire country. In fact, Zakynthos or “Zante”, as it is fondly called in Italian, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Zakynthos stands for everything that an ideal Greek summer holiday can deliver; a lot of sunshine and the most beautiful beaches by the Ionian Sea, with the most stunning natural scenery.

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Volos and the History of Middle Greece

Volos is the fifth largest city of Greece and located on the South Eastern coast of the Middle Greek periphery of Thessaly.

Volos is a rich city when it comes to history and archaeological treasures. Although the modern-day city of Volos is not very old its foundations were laid in the mid nineteenth century on the site of the ancient and legendary cities of Demetrias, Pagasae, the homeland of Jason of Argonauts, and Iolkos.

Volos has markings on its walls that range from the Neolithic period right up to the modern era, including the contributions from the Ancient Greek period, the Byzantines and the Ottomans.

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Visit Skopelos for great beaches

Skopelos is the largest of the Sporades Islands, located east off the coastline of the mainland Greek peninsula. The town of Skopelos is the capital, which is the main port of the island. Skopelos is the most populated one among the Sporades Islands.

Skopelos is an island of a historical significance, which is very typical to Greece, and obviously at the same time, it also features some beautiful beaches by the Aegean Sea.

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Skiathos – Paradise Island

The reason why Greece is preferred by tourists worldwide along with its pleasant climate, is due to the fact that every where you turn in Greece, you can find the most beautiful and clean beaches that you’ll ever see. And with numerous islands spread across three seas, Greece can offer plenty of natural beauty.

Skiathos, the western-most of the Sporades Islands, and the nearest to the mainland, is one of the examples of Greece’s natural beauty. The island is very small in size, but is unmatchable in natural beauty and spectacular beaches with the pure and unspoilt waters of the Aegean Sea.

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Santorini - a holiday to remember

The thought of being able to escape the hustle and bustle and take off to any sun-kissed island is inviting.

When it is the Island of Santorini in Greece then it is not just a thought, it is a dream. Anyone that has been to Santorini will be sure to tell you that it has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth that one could go for a vacation.

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Rhodes Greece: A Vacation of a Lifetime

When one is planning a trip to Greece, one of the most difficult tasks is deciding on just what part of Greece to visit. It truly is a Country that one can visit multiple times and never get to see all that it has to offer. Rhodes should be near the top of the list of “must go to“, when it comes to a vacation in Greece.

Upon your arrival in Rhodes, it would be wise to just take a bit of time to rest up and prepare yourself for the days of sightseeing and excursions that await you. Many places just have to be part of your vacation. Here are just a few of them.

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Paros - You May Never Want to Leave

Paros, renowned throughout history for its Parian marble, has long been considered one of the most breathtaking Cyclades islands of the Greek Aegean Sea. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The island of Paros is situated in the heart of the Cyclades. Oftentimes Paros is skipped over on cruises in favor of the larger Greek islands, but with its stunning natural beauty, the island of Paros is not to be missed. Thousands of savvy tourists visit the island annually, making it one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world.

According to discoveries made during archaeological excavations, Paros has been inhabited since approximately 3,200 BC. Paros has since evolved over the centuries into a commercial and administrative center, as well as a crossroad for many different civilizations. The island has met with times of financial glory as well as times of financial decline. This rich history is displayed in the remains of historic monuments as well as in museums that house fascinating archaeological findings. The deep faith of the island's residents is expressed in the huge Byzantine churches and monasteries that boast intricate architecture.

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Patras a Culturally Rich Tourist Destination

Patras is the third largest city of Greece, and is located on the northern coast of the Peleponnese region by the Gulf of Patras. Patras is one of the major cultural and historical centers of the country and offers a spectacular landscape with the dominating presence of Mount Panachaikon.

Patras is known for the Patras Carnival, a colorful event which is held every spring, and features an elaborate parade.The city was also named as European Cultural Center for the year 2006, and is a popular tourist destination.

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Olympia – Feel the Olympic Spirit

Have you heard of Olympia? It would be very strange indeed if you find anybody replying this question in the negative.

The long forgotten historical traditions and the life at the ancient sites at Olympia would never have been formed an integral part of the popular culture and traditions of the modern world, had the Olympics game not been revived by Pierre de Coubertin. As a result the first modern Olympics were held in 1896, about eleven centuries after the legendary games in the Ancient Greece.

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Naxos - the best Cyclades Beaches

Naxos is an important tourist destination, and is one of the Cyclades Islands of Greece and is located next to Paros.

Naxos is one of the choices of summer holiday tourists who head to the beautiful beaches in the Cyclades in order to enjoy their vacations in the perfect manner, with a lot of sunshine and the pure waters of the Aegean Sea. There is no surprise that Naxos is known for its beaches, which are the primary tourist magnet for the island.

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Mykonos - the best of all worlds

Mykonos is, without a doubt, a place of beauty and awe that should be included in anyone’s vacation spots. It is a Cyclades island which holds the element of surprise of having that postcard picture look.

Upon arriving here, one will get to witness all of those white little houses, the flowers, the significant colored doors and windows and the beautiful hand paintings that are strewn throughout the streets. All of this to be found amongst the chimneys, windmills, cute little churches, pigeon keepers and amazing restaurants and cafes.

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Milos – small volcanic island

Milos is a small volcanic Greek island in the Cyclades in the Sea of Crete, which is a part of the booming Greek tourism that rests on undeniably irresistible factors of almost perfect climate for holiday resorts and probably the most spectacular beaches in Europe.

Milos can offer you as beautiful beaches as the rest of the Greece, and the island is a paradise for vacationers looking to relax their nerves, and to get a tan as well. The capital of Milos is Plaka. Other important resorts include Adamas, Triptli and Pollonia.

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Meteora – The Suspended Rocks

Greece can sometimes surprise you beyond all imagination, which is the part off the charm and magic associated with the country. Even nature seems to have gifted Greece with wonders that are truly unique and spectacular than the rest of the world.

Such a natural wonder, the mystery of which was only added to by the humans is the Eastern Orthodox Monasteries located on the top of the natural sandstone mountain pillars near the Pindus Mountain and the Peneios River. You can easily reach the Meteora, which literally means “suspended rocks”, which is why meteors in the space are named so. The Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Lefkada, beautiful Greek island

Lefkada is one of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands, and is also closer to the mainland than most of the islands. This proximity of Lefkada to the mainland has enabled them to be connected through a floating bridge.

Lefkada is popular among tourists for many of the same reasons why other Greek islands attract them. The pleasant weather of the region in the summers is the perfect time for many tourists to head to the Greek beaches, and Lefkada offers some of the best of those. The Lefkada marina has been awarded the Blue flag.

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Kos - a taste of the Dodecanese

Kos is one of the eastern most Greek islands that form the Dodecanese Archipelago, and is located just 4 kilometers off the western coast of Turkey. The Dodecanese is is so ancient that historians are not really sure about the earliest historical events on the island, but certainly prioer to the Classic Greek period!

Among the historical attractions, the ruins of the Ancient Gymnasion, the ruins of Asclepieion and the Hippocratic Museum and the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, which is said to be the site where Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, used to teach his students the art of medicine.

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Kefalonia - Ionian Islands

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands, and is home to one of the most popular and beautiful beach resorts in Greece.

Kefalonia is among the top destinations in Europe for tourists looking for a perfect climate and sunshine and clean and spectacular sandy beaches. Kefalonia features a number of blue flag beaches by the Ionian Sea and the island is known to be ideal for windsurfing.

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Ios - beautiful Cyclades Island

Ios is one of the smallest but one of the most scenic of the Cyclades Islands.It is a popular destination among tourists, especially the young, as the island offers some very exciting nightlife attractions. Most of the people who visit the island often include a trip to the nearby Santorini islands in their itinerary, or the other way around. You can comfortably reach Ios from Naxos, Santorini and Crete.

As is the case with the rest of the Cyclades islands, Ios is also known for its remarkably beautiful beaches, which are not only the best in the Cyclades, but are considered to be among the best in the entire continent. You will often find beaches from Cyclades in articles and surveys about the best beaches in Europe.

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Ithaca beaches and highlights

Ithaca is the sister island to Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea and just like its much larger sister island it is one of the most beautiful places to be in the region.

Many of the attractions on both the islands are common, as Ithaca is located just off the north western coast of Kefalonia. Although it is the least developed of the Ionian Islands, but it also is the most well preserved environment in the Ionian Islands. Tourists often find it enjoyable to visit sites on the island which are associated with Homer’s epic Odyssey.

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Heraklion - capital of Crete

The capital and the largest city of the island of Crete, Heraklion or Iraklion is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Greece. The city was home to the great Greek writer and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis, which you will notice as you land on the airport named after him.

It is a historical city and as obvious from its location, it features some of the most spectacular of beaches in the entire Mediterranean region.

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Epidaurus theatre and ancient monuments

At Epidaurus, south east of Delphi in Greece, are some of the finest Greek monuments to be seen anywhere.

The location was the most important healing centre in the world during the Greek period - for at least four centuries - based on the tradition that it was the birthplace of Asklepios, a doctor subsequently made god by Zeus.

The sick would come to sleep in a great hall at Epidaurus, and while they slept Asklepios would tell them in their dreams what was required to become well again.

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Crete Greece

There is so much that Crete has to offer and its important to know what the most favored spots to visit are; you surely don’t want to miss out on them.

Although almost all of the landmarks and places of interest are intriguing, it depends on what your interests are to determine what you want to see most while in Crete.The following are some of our favourite places to visit in Crete:

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Corfu resort, Greece

Corfu Greece Is Waiting To Welcome You

On a beautiful morning in Corfu be sure to visit Corfu Town’s fish, fruits and vegetable market. If you go early you will not have any problems finding a place to park your car. After buying some fresh food you can move along, climbing the top of the Old Fortress and you will not have to worry about any fees upon entering because it is free.

The Old Fortress: A Trip Back in Time

The Venetians, all through the 15th century, built the Old Fortress. Before this, the whole town of the Old Fortress was hovering upon the rocky headland. It was soon transformed into an island because of the digging of a narrow channel around the 10th century. Soon after that, the Venetians widened the channel into a significant moat

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Chios and the Nea Moni Monastery

Chios is the fifth largest Greek island and is located in the Aegean Sea, just five miles off the coast of Turkey. Chios is one of the richest islands in Greece as far as historical and cultural heritage is concerned and is also known for its remarkable natural beauty.

Chios is most famous for the Nea Moni, which is an eleventh century monastery. The monastery, which is located 15 km from the capital, is a major tourist attraction of the island and has been given the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Macedonian mosaics at the monastery are of particular interest. The monastery complex also features two smaller churches, the dining hall, the reception hall, the underground water cistern and the monks’ cell. The monastery was fortified by the Byzantines

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Chalkidiki - The City Of Beauty and Adventure

Chalkidiki is an exceptionally picturesque place to visit, most especially when on holidays. As soon as you see how beautiful the entire place is, you will most certainly regret having to leave at the end of your vacation.

Unfortunately, you are going to find the time will pass by swiftly as there is so much to see and do here. Time does not stand still although when one looks at the historical aspects of Chalkidiki it seems to.

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Athens - the cradle of civilisation

The epicenter of the Greek civilization, Athens is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

This historical city is an equally booming modern metropolis with a number of attractions to offer to all types of visitors, whether you want to visit this beautiful city for the historical and archaeological sites, or just prefer to enjoy the beautiful Greek beaches and the sunshine.

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Delphi – The Pilgrimage to the Oracle

The town of Delphi is a popular tourist site for the archaeological ruins of one of the most important religious centers of the Ancient Greece, and the Ancient Greek paid special attention to what was being told them from this place.

It was the site of the “Delphi Oracle”, the most important one in the entire Ancient Greece, and it was so iconic that it is frequently mentioned in all the references of Ancient Greece and of course in the works of Ancient Greek poets and artists. It is no wonder why thousands of tourists offer their pilgrimage to this important ancient site.

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