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Volos is the fifth largest city of Greece and located on the South Eastern coast of the Middle Greek periphery of Thessaly.

Volos is a rich city when it comes to history and archaeological treasures. Although the modern-day city of Volos is not very old its foundations were laid in the mid nineteenth century on the site of the ancient and legendary cities of Demetrias, Pagasae, the homeland of Jason of Argonauts, and Iolkos.

Volos has markings on its walls that range from the Neolithic period right up to the modern era, including the contributions from the Ancient Greek period, the Byzantines and the Ottomans.

One of the reasons why Volos attracts a number of visitors while not being a beach resort is the fact that it is located near the legendary Mt. Pelion, which is said to be the home to Chiron the Centaur in Greek Mythology, and Volos serves as a good base for those who want to embark on an expedition to the enchanting place.

From the archaeological viewpoint, the most important attractions of Volos are the nearby settlements of Dimini and Sesklo. Dimini dates back to the Neolithic Period, and consists of an acropolis in ruins, walls and tombs, while Sesklo is the ruins of an Acropolis that dates back to as old as 6,000BC.

Among the historical attractions of the city, the Church of St. Constantine and the Archaeological Museum of Volos are important. The museum provides a deep insight into the historical evolution of the region and about the transformation of the older cities into Volos. It features various artifacts from the nearby Neolithic settlements of Dimini.

Other attractions include the old city castle, Anavros open-air sculpture gallery, Zogia Museum Gallery, the Folklore Art Museum of Volos Greek Women and Modem History Museum of Volos City.

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