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Skopelos is the largest of the Sporades Islands, located east off the coastline of the mainland Greek peninsula. The town of Skopelos is the capital, which is the main port of the island. Skopelos is the most populated one among the Sporades Islands.

Skopelos is an island of a historical significance, which is very typical to Greece, and obviously at the same time, it also features some beautiful beaches by the Aegean Sea.

As also is typical of Greek Islands, Skopelos also features blue flag beaches due to their cleanliness and purity of the environment. The blue flag beaches of Skopelos include Stafylos, Panormos, Adrina, Elios, Milia and Limnonari. Most of these are pebble beaches.

Other popular beaches of the island include Glyfoneri and Glysteri, located near the town of Skopelos, while Glossa and Agnondas are located at some distance. Stafylos is probably the most popular of all the beaches, and is just 4 km from the Skopelos town with a beach bar, tavern and the best water sports facilities.

Velanio, 400 meters from Stafylos is a popular beach among nudists, while Elios is the most suitable beach for families. Milia is another popular beach when it comes to water sports, beach side taverns and accommodation facilities.

Skopelos offers you a variety of spots to relax by the calm turquoise sea, from the most crowded spots to the more quiet ones. But many of the beaches in Skopelos are covered by large rock formations, so you will have to be careful with the selection of the beach if you want to make most of the breeze.

For those who are more comfortable with open and wide spaces, should try the beaches on the northern coast of the island, such as the Glysteri.

Skopelos is a real treat for those who love beach holidays, and is one of the best summer holiday destinations in Greece.

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