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The reason why Greece is preferred by tourists worldwide along with its pleasant climate, is due to the fact that every where you turn in Greece, you can find the most beautiful and clean beaches that you’ll ever see. And with numerous islands spread across three seas, Greece can offer plenty of natural beauty.

Skiathos, the western-most of the Sporades Islands, and the nearest to the mainland, is one of the examples of Greece’s natural beauty. The island is very small in size, but is unmatchable in natural beauty and spectacular beaches with the pure and unspoilt waters of the Aegean Sea.

It really is surprising that an island which is not more than 50 square kilometers in area and a 44 mile coast line features no less than 60 beaches, 8 out of which have been awarded the Blue Flag. It surely is amazing given the fact that many countries with a larger coastline have not been able to earn a single blue flag. This is why Skiathos is such a popular tourist destination; it is simply a paradise for the vacationers.

Among the most crowded of the blue flag beaches of Skiathos are Achladies, Koukounaries, Vromolimnos, Agia Paraskevi, Megali Ammos and Troulos Beach, which is probably the most popular of all, with one of the largest population centers on the island and easily available accommodation in the Troulos Valley. The Banana Beach is another popular beach in Skiathos.

If you prefer a quieter and more private experience, then Xerxes, Agistri, Elias and Asellinos are the most suitable ones. Many of the beaches have spectacular rock formations, and the water is shallow near many beaches which can offer you the perfect place to swim and snorkel.

Skiathos is what a Greek beach holiday is all about. With an uninterrupted sunshine and the most spectacular beaches in the world, Skiathos is the ultimate destination when it comes to beach resorts.

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