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The thought of being able to escape the hustle and bustle and take off to any sun-kissed island is inviting.

When it is the Island of Santorini in Greece then it is not just a thought, it is a dream. Anyone that has been to Santorini will be sure to tell you that it has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth that one could go for a vacation.

The Start of a Great Adventure

It would only be fitting to start your vacation at Santorini at Oia. To begin with, one just has to enjoy the tranquillity that is found in this quaint village. After a long journey to get to Greece, Oia is a most welcome place to gather your second wind. As you are ready to slow down for the day, you will be able to do so in perfect relaxation as you view one of the most spectacular sunsets to be seen.

If you care to take in a little sightseeing without having to leave the village that is not a problem; there is plenty here to be found. This village is perched upon a spectacular cliff that affords you a marvellous view of the volcano of Palia as well as Nea Kameni. You will also catch a glimpse of the island Thirassia.

One thing you are going to be able to enjoy throughout your stay in Santorini is the appreciation of art and fine things that are to be found here. To appreciate all of this you will not want to miss the variety of museums that await you.

Santorini Archeological Museum

Anyone that knows anything about Greece at all knows that the country is famous for its remnants left from the passage of time. It does not matter where one goes in Greece they will be reminded of its heritage. Santorini is no different and has its share of history.

This is best viewed at this museum. You will get to glance at some very impressive artefacts, as well as some of the wildlife. Although a small museum, it really deserves a visit.

The Museum of Meguro

This is a large and impressive museum where one can spend some time. You will find this museum in Thira. It is responsible for housing historic maps and possesses a most intriguing photography area that has very rare pictures of Fira before and after the infamous eruption of 1956.

The Village of Akortiri Santorini for Intrigue and Excitement

As we mentioned, there are famous archaeological sites throughout Greece. For Santorini their contribution to this is Akortiri. You will find intricate wall paintings depicting many different pictures such as ancient lifestyle scenes. You will not find the village overrun with tourists but you will see a windmill here and there. The panoramic views are not something to be missed, neither is the volcano that one can see at a distance in Fira. This village is a wonderful place to enjoy a meal or just to relax and take in all it offers. Once you are ready to continue with your sightseeing journey, you can board a tiny boat at the port in Akrotiri and head out to the Red Village and White Beach.

When one thinks of Santorini quaint villages and magnificent beaches dotted with panoramic views come to mind. Each of the many villages in Santorini has much of their own to offer its visitors.

Megalochori Village: A Taste of Wine

No doubt it does not take one long to recognize Santorini for its world-renowned wines. Here in Megalochori you will find some of the finest vineyards and wineries in existence. While enjoying the wine here in this quaint village you can take in the breath taking Caldera volcano views. As a touch of history, Megalochori maintains its classical style of houses and cobblestone streets.

The children are sure to find the pirate hideaways most exciting. It can be pointed out to them that the wooden door entrances serve to be a safety guard against intruding pirates.

Monolithos: Beaches and Sun at its Best

No vacation to Greece would be complete without at least one day at one of its famous beaches such as the one found on the South East coastline of Santorini; Monolithos beach with its black sand. There is no need to worry about the kids while you sit back and relax. There is a well laid out playground for the younger ones, and always a game of volleyball in motion for the teens.

No doubt you are going to build up an appetite while here so take advantage of one of the many fish taverns that are located here.

What we have touched upon here is but a few of the fantastic villages, beaches and beauty of what Santorini has to offer. When planning your vacation here be sure to leave plenty of time to enjoy it all.

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