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When one is planning a trip to Greece, one of the most difficult tasks is deciding on just what part of Greece to visit. It truly is a Country that one can visit multiple times and never get to see all that it has to offer. Rhodes should be near the top of the list of “must go to“, when it comes to a vacation in Greece.

Upon your arrival in Rhodes, it would be wise to just take a bit of time to rest up and prepare yourself for the days of sightseeing and excursions that await you. Many places just have to be part of your vacation. Here are just a few of them.

Rhodes Medieval City: Turning Back the Clock

It is unlikely that you are going to want to spend less than a day here. This is where you will find a significant chunk of the history of Greece. To appreciate what this city has to offer, you need to know just a bit of what its foundation was built upon. It ended up coming under the rule of the Turks and Italians once it was taken from the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Once within the city you make your first stop the Upper Town there is no doubt it will be full of intrigue for not only the children but the young-at-heart as well. Here you will find the Grand Masters Palace. Then there is the Street of the Knights and the Great Hospital. You will find all of this in a Gothic setting. Just as if the hands of time had stood still.

Now it is time to move from Upper Town into Lower Town. For those that have a respect for ancient Greek architecture then you will most certainly be pleased with what you will see here. The exquisite Mosques amongst other buildings all date back to the Ottoman period. Then, of course, one cannot leave here without seeing the famed public baths.

Once you have had an overall view of Medieval City it's time to get specific and spend some time at some of the key points of this magical place.


Lady of the Castle Cathedral

You will find this on Knight’s Street in Rhodes Town. There is no doubt that once you enter the Cathedral you are going to feel the presence of the Knights, for this was their Cathedral. At one time it was converted into a mosque. It has long since lost its bell tower. Once you step inside you will be thrilled to see that the inside has gone unchanged with a historical date of somewhere between the 11th to 13th century.

Palace of the Grand Masters

Found across from the Church of St. John. When the Turks took over occupation, they used this Palace as their prison. From there it went unattended until it eventually ended up in ruins. It was devastated when the St. John’s Church was struck with a large explosion. This was not the end of the Palace of the Grand Master for it was restored in 1940. You will marvel at its interior mosaic floor. These were not made of new materials but from those dating far back from their journey from Kos Island. In addition to these are the statutes within the inner courtyard.

One of the most intriguing aspects to keep in mind when standing here upon this ground is the possibility that below your feet, far beneath the earth, may lay the temple of Helios, which was the Sun God. Some say it may even be the location of the Colossus.

Lindos: Historical Beauty

Moving away from the city, a 47 km trip to Lindos is in order. You will not lose the intrigue of the medieval aura when you arrive here. Keeping with the splendour and historical beauty of Greece, one finds here a village of the past with its pebble streets and whitewashed houses. While here, do not miss a visit to the Byzantine church where you can appreciate the fine taste of the ancient Greeks dating back to the 18th century.

Valley of the Butterflies

There is little doubt that you are going to be constantly on-the-go with your sightseeing endeavours while at Rhodes. When it comes time to catch your breath from walking the many miles over ancient ruins then a trip to the Valley of the Butterflies is in order. It is located about 15½ miles from the city.

Here you will get to enjoy Greek nature that is every bit as enjoyable as what the rest of Greece has to offer. While here in the Valley you can just sit, relax, and reminisce over all that you have seen. If you are still bounding with energy, then enjoy a hike through the valley. While doing so you will be amongst thousands of the most beautiful butterflies to be found on earth.

As one can see, many days can be consumed during a vacation to Rhodes just by visiting a few locations. If possible, it would be well worth the effort to slip in some night entertainment that can be found at the many Greek Restaurants, as well as some great shopping.

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