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Psarou beach is on the southern coast of Mykonos about five kilometers from Mykonos town. It is one of the most chic beaches of Mykonos and very popular with the yachting and the celebrity crowd. It is set in a deep bay and so the water is very calm and good for swimming even on windy days which can be quite common in Mykonos!

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Greece This Way Comment: Psarou beach is home to the famous Nammos restaurant and beach club and so its sheltered bay is usually packed in the summer with yachts bringing its owners back and forth to the club. If you are looking to do a little people-watching - this is the place!

Psarou beach

The Nammos beach club is expensive but apparently has a great open air restaurant, an extended Champagne-list, four private cabanas and lots of sunbeds and music. If this is out of your price range then there are lots more sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach though they are pricier here than most other beaches.

Psarou has a nice sandy beach and a good selection of restaurants and bars. It tends to be quieter than the nearby Platis Gialos beach maybe because it is more expensive but it is also a little harder to get to. Sunbeds take up most of the beach space with only a small area where you can lay down your towels and sunbathe for free.

Sunbeds vary enormously in price with those closest to Nammos tending to be the most expensive. Some of the sun loungers are very expensive and so be sure to check the prices before settling down to enjoy the sun's rays.


Parking is difficult and best avoided. You can get here by bus, it is the stop before Platis Gialos. Ask the driver and he should tell you when to get off. There is a short walk downhill then to get to the beach. Alternatively it is possible to walk from Platis Gialos to Psarou beach along a narrow coastal path. Of course many visitors to the beach arrive via the sea on private yachts.

Psarou beach is popular for watersports including windsurfing, waterskiing and jet-skiing. Most of the accommodation around the beach is high-end and expensive as are the shops near to the beach.

Nammos beach club

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The Platis Gialos beach just a little further round the bay is another pleasant sandy beach with plenty of facilities and some good beach front bars and restaurants. It is also much less pricey than Psarou beach.

Mykonos town is just five kilometers from Psarou and if you have booked a beach holiday on Mykonos we recommend going to Mykonos Town to wander round its charming streets. If you can -  spend a few nights there as it is just as lovely on a night as during the day.

If you are looking for the party beaches then Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are the most famous ones and the Paranga beach is also a favourite with party goers.

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