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Paros, renowned throughout history for its Parian marble, has long been considered one of the most breathtaking Cyclades islands of the Greek Aegean Sea. The island of Paros is situated in the heart of the Cyclades. Oftentimes Paros is skipped over on cruises in favor of the larger Greek islands, but with its stunning natural beauty, the island of Paros is not to be missed. 

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According to discoveries made during archaeological excavations, Paros has been inhabited since approximately 3,200 BC. Paros has since evolved over the centuries into a commercial and administrative center, as well as a crossroad for many different civilizations. The island has met with times of financial glory as well as times of financial decline. This rich history is displayed in the remains of historic monuments as well as in museums that house fascinating archaeological findings. The deep faith of the island's residents is expressed in the huge Byzantine churches and monasteries that boast intricate architecture.

Paros is home to only 2 towns, but the island boasts numerous villages. The largest city, Parikia, is at the heart of the island of Paros. Parikia is the island's port city as well as its only commercial hub. Parikia is a superb location for the enjoyment of several activities. Many tourists, as well as locals, enjoy the pastime of people watching along the front of the harbor. Others enjoy watching the ferries arrive midday, or enjoying the evening sunset.


One extremely popular destination for tourists on the island of Paros is the beautiful region of Naousa which is located just north of Parikia. Naousa boasts a charming port with several colorful fishing boats. The city is an up-scale haven for tourists and is centered around the picturesque fishing harbor. It is an ideal location for a relaxing holiday next to the sea.

The stunning beaches of Santa Maria and Kolimbithres in the Naousa region are among the more popular beaches on the island of Paros. The cool and refreshing crystal blue water of the Aegean is the ideal escape from the heat during the summer months.

Other beaches on the island, including Pounda, are great places to enjoy an array of water sports such as kite surfing and wind surfing. In recent years Paros has become more and more developed, allowing vacationers to enjoy many fun filled sports. The island even hosts the annual Windsurfing World Championship.


Paros boasts a large assortment of charming villages. A wonderful selection of accommodations can be found on the island. It is a well organized tourist center, offering its visitors a wonderful array of luxury hotels, villas, apartments, maisonettes and studios.

The island of Paros also offers a fantastic choice of taverns and restaurants where you can sample an assortment of traditional local cuisine. Paros has gained international fame among travel destinations because of its natural beauty and tourist infrastructure.  


A visit to Paros quickly becomes unforgettable due to the island's sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters and quaint traditional villages with their cubic whitewashed houses and paved, narrow alleys that contrast with the many beautiful chapels and exciting nightlife.

There are many enjoyable activities available to keep tourists entertained and busy while on vacation. Some of these activities include horse-back riding, yoga, cooking classes, painting classes, cycling and hiking. There is also a seemingly never ending assortment of historical monuments, art galleries and wineries to peruse while visiting the beautiful Greek island of Paros.

It has been said of Paros that not many people find their way to the island, but of those people who do, no one wants to leave.

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