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Naxos is an important tourist destination, and is one of the Cyclades Islands of Greece and is located next to Paros.

Naxos is one of the choices of summer holiday tourists who head to the beautiful beaches in the Cyclades in order to enjoy their vacations in the perfect manner, with a lot of sunshine and the pure waters of the Aegean Sea. There is no surprise that Naxos is known for its beaches, which are the primary tourist magnet for the island.

Naxos has a 148 km long coastline, which feature a huge number of sandy beaches. Among those, many are awarded the blue flag due to their preserved and clean environment. The blue flag beaches of Naxos include Agios Georgios, Agios Prokopios, which are fairly large beaches, and Mikri Vigla and Agios Anna - Maragas.

Other popular beaches of the island include Plaka, Kastraki, Aliko, Orkos and the Sahara Beach. Agios Georgios is nearest to Naxos, the capital.

Naxos is also rich in culture and history. It offers many such attractions like the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, which houses valuable artifacts, discovered from the area and date back up to 5300 BC, the Neolithic Period and include the famous Mycenaean ceramics.

Archaeological ruins like that of the Demeter Temple in Gyroulas could be of interest as well. The Portara, which is an iconic doorway that remains of the Temple of Apollo that lay in ruins today, is like a symbol of the island.

One of the worth visiting places in the Naxos include the Chora Castle near the port at the capital and the Grotta.

Other important attractions include the churches of Panagia Drosiani, Panagia Protothorne, Saint Nikolas, the monasteries of the Holy Rood and Eleftherios, the Bazeos Tower, which is the venue for the Naxos Festival, and the spectacular Tower of Belonia.

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