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Milos is a small volcanic Greek island in the Cyclades in the Sea of Crete, which is a part of the booming Greek tourism that rests on undeniably irresistible factors of almost perfect climate for holiday resorts and probably the most spectacular beaches in Europe.

Milos can offer you as beautiful beaches as the rest of the Greece, and the island is a paradise for vacationers looking to relax their nerves, and to get a tan as well. The capital of Milos is Plaka. Other important resorts include Adamas, Triptli and Pollonia.

Papikinou is a blue flag beach of the island of Milos, which is one of the largest beaches in Milos with a length of 600 meters. It is located at Adamas. Other popular beaches of Milos are Paliohori, Agia Kiriaki, Papafragas, Provatas, Sarakiniko, Firiplanka, Agia Marina, Tsigardo, Mytakas, Rivari, Triades and Agios Ioannis.

The beach at Achivadolimni features one of the most impressive camping sites on the entire island. The beaches offer a number of activities including scuba diving, especially at Pollonia and Achivadolimni. The clear waters of Aegean Sea offer some breath-taking marine life spectacles. Other water sports include windsurfing, kite boarding, canoeing and kayaking

This modern beach resort island has been inhabited since the ancient times, and has been an important cultural and trade center of the Ancient Greece.

Important attractions other than its beautiful beaches are the Church of Agia Triada, the Roman catacombs and theater ruins at Triptli, the 13th century castle ruins and the Cathedral of Panagia Korfiatissa.

Milos is famous for its delicious local cuisine. Delicacies like koufeto, a pumpkin sweet, and bougiordi, which is a vegetable and cheese dish, should be tried by tourists to enrich their experience of this beautiful island

Note: Milos is also the original home of “Venus de Milo”, the famous statue of Aphrodite, which is currently on display in the Louvre in Paris.

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