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Ithaca is the sister island to Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea and just like its much larger sister island it is one of the most beautiful places to be in the region.

Many of the attractions on both the islands are common, as Ithaca is located just off the north western coast of Kefalonia. Although it is the least developed of the Ionian Islands, but it also is the most well preserved environment in the Ionian Islands. Tourists often find it enjoyable to visit sites on the island which are associated with Homer’s epic Odyssey.

Vathi in Southern Ithaca is the most popular resort, while Ithaki is the capital of the municipality of Ithaca, which falls under the Prefecture of Kefalonia. Other important villages include Agios Ionnais, Lefki, Kalivia and Aetos. Ithaca was the home to the legendary Greek poet Homer.

As is always the case with the Greek Islands, the beaches are the center of the attention, and although only 45 square miles in area, Ithaca has been gifted when it comes to natural beauty and spectacular and clean beaches. Ithaca boasts two blue flag beaches, Dexia and Loutsa, which are located just near Vathi.

Among other popular beaches of Ithaca, the Agios Ioannis, Frikes, Filiatro, Gidaki, Sarakiniko Bay, Marmaka, SkinoBay, Minimata and Polis are important. The beaches are clean and are suitable for swimming as well.

Of course, being in Ithaca always provides you the luxury of slipping away to Kefalonia, where you can find breath-taking beaches like Myrtos, and much greater activity if you ever get bored in Ithaca.

Kefalonia also features some of the most amazing natural wonders in the region, such as the subterranean Lake Melissani and the Drogorati Cave, which truly offer worth watching spectacles, while the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli can satiate your appetite for the archaeological history of the islands.

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