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At Epidaurus, south east of Delphi in Greece, are some of the finest Greek monuments to be seen anywhere.

The location was the most important healing centre in the world during the Greek period - for at least four centuries - based on the tradition that it was the birthplace of Asklepios, a doctor subsequently made god by Zeus.

The sick would come to sleep in a great hall at Epidaurus, and while they slept Asklepios would tell them in their dreams what was required to become well again.

The great number of visitors that this attracted enabled Epidaurus to become a very wealthy location, and to build other monuments here such as the theatre, public baths and a sports stadium. Hence it became an important centre for many types of cultural activity.

Epidaurus theater, once again in use today having been uncovered in the 19th century, is also known for having almost perfect acoustics and your guide will send you to a far corner of the stadium and then speak in a low voice to demonstrate that you can still hear him perfectly well!

While the theatre is the main attraction at Epidaurus, there are other ruins to be seen at the site, including the baths and sports stadium and the Temple of Asclepius - these are also interesting but less exceptional (and much less intact) than the theatre.

There is also a museum at Epidaurus containing further archaeological finds from the site.

It was very hot when we visited - bring a sun hat and sun cream!

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