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The town of Delphi is a popular tourist site for the archaeological ruins of one of the most important religious centers of the Ancient Greece, and the Ancient Greek paid special attention to what was being told them from this place.

It was the site of the “Delphi Oracle”, the most important one in the entire Ancient Greece, and it was so iconic that it is frequently mentioned in all the references of Ancient Greece and of course in the works of Ancient Greek poets and artists. It is no wonder why thousands of tourists offer their pilgrimage to this important ancient site.

If you want to learn about the Ancient Greek History from a perspective that you have never experienced before, then you can start the tour to Delphi with the Delphi Archaeological Museum, which displays all the valuable artifacts that have been unearthed at Delphi’s archaeological ruins. These include the famous Charioteer of Delphi, the statues of Kleobis and Biton, and the Chrysekephantine sculpture of Apollo, which was highly revered by the Ancient Greeks, who would never have imagined that it would end up in a place like a museum for a display of a little different nature.

Of course the most important of the ruins is that of the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient Greek god of Wisdom to whom the site was devoted. Other ruins include the Treasuries, the Tholos, the Stoa of the Athenians, the Theater, the Gymnasium and the Stadium. The sacred spring of Delphi can still be found in the Valley of Phaedriades.

Tourists who visit Greece are often seen keen on visiting world famous historical sites like Olympia and Delphia. On your next visit to Greece, you should not miss to pay a visit to Delphi, if you haven’t made one as yet

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