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There is so much that Crete has to offer and its important to know what the most favored spots to visit are; you surely don’t want to miss out on them.

Although almost all of the landmarks and places of interest are intriguing, it depends on what your interests are to determine what you want to see most while in Crete.The following are some of our favourite places to visit in Crete:

The Loutro Harbor

It is understandable that if you are going to want to see the most interesting places in Crete then you are going to find that it is sure to be laden with other tourists. One such place is Loutro. It is by no means a big place, but its historical value takes one back in time. It was once, during the Roman period, a very important harbor. It is the place where Phoenix once sat. Loutro is the remnant of this historical era. Loutro has serenity about it, many tourists seem to never want to leave this quaint village.

The view of the mountainsides combined with the beauty of the bay makes for a scenic setting that is rugged yet exciting. If you are planning on a short stay here at Loutro, you will find it a leisurely one. There is no hub of excitement or entertainment. The time spent is relaxing and reduces one's stress from a busy lifestyle. For those that prefer something a little more active then hiking would be something most enjoyable and a great way to see a little of Loutro.

The Palace of Knossos: A Must See

Most individuals that have been to Crete will most certainly recommend that you set some time aside for a visit to the Palace of Knossos. This was the remnants of the Minoan civilization and was discovered in 1900 as an archeological find. Once here, you will have the chance to see the many rooms and courtyards of this palace which dates back to 2000-1350 BC. If one lets their imagination drift back in time there is no doubt that this part of your site-seeing excursion is going to be most enjoyable. Out of all of the Mioan Palaces, this is the largest.

It’s always a point of interest to learn not only about the history of a place one is visiting such as Crete, but also other aspects, such as their way of life. This includes their surroundings. Part of this structure is the magnificent sea life that Crete possesses. Visitors can witness this first hand at the Crete’s aquarium. Whether it is the sharks or the seahorses that you see, you will no doubt be quite intrigued in the underwater world of Crete. If you are of the mind of making this just a quick stop on your sightseeing endeavors, you may find it most difficult to cut your visit short here, as there is so much to see.


An Unusual Point of Interest

It might seem funny to suggest visiting a gravesite when a vacation is meant to be light-hearted and fun. In this particular case, however, one would not want to leave Crete without visiting the Graves of the Venizelos Family. To begin with, the journey to arrive there affords you the opportunity to see some of the magnificent landscaping of Crete. This gravesite is also the location of the Prophet Elias' Temple which is a “must see”. The significance of this site-seeing journey is to stand on the very same ground where many great battles were fought. It is a very important part of the history of Crete.

Historical Museums

There are many great sites to visit in Crete but some time should be put aside to visit some of the many spectacular museums that can be found here. They too have preserved the history of Crete, giving the visitor much insight to Crete. There is the Nautical Museum of Crete. Here one can see many relics that have been retrieved from the bottom of the sea, amongst many other interesting items. This museum is found at the Historical fortress of Firka. Another one of the many Crete Museums worth mentioning is the Historical Archive of Crete. It is truly the preservation of the history of Greece. Here there is a vast collection of archives and artifacts well guarded and preserved. One could spend their entire vacation at Crete just visiting the many museums to be found here and come away feeling totally satisfied with their learning experience.

Visiting the Beaches of Crete

Perhaps you will feel a need for a break from the many sightseeing excursions found in Crete. The perfect spot for this would be a day at Marathi. This cove contains the clearest of water and is the perfect place for the children to enjoy the water. It is a wonderful place to rest and enjoy the many taverns and Hotels scattered along the beach.

If you are feeling a little more energetic, then you may want to partake in a hiking excursion and learn and see what Crete is all about close up.

As you can see, there is no shortage of things to see in Crete. They all hold their own intrigue and have their stories to tell. It is well worth the trip to Crete to enjoy the many things that can be offered here.

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