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On a beautiful morning in Corfu be sure to visit Corfu Town’s fish, fruits and vegetable market. If you go early you will not have any problems finding a place to park your car. After buying some fresh food you can move along, climbing the top of the Old Fortress and you will not have to worry about any fees upon entering because it is free.

The Old Fortress: A Trip Back in Time

The Venetians, all through the 15th century, built the Old Fortress. Before this, the whole town of the Old Fortress was hovering upon the rocky headland. It was soon transformed into an island because of the digging of a narrow channel around the 10th century. Soon after that, the Venetians widened the channel into a significant moat

Tsitsi Bira: A Hot-Spot of the World

Later on, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner at the elegant Aegli’ Taverna that is located at Liston. You have to go and visit Tsitsi Bira; it is one of the largest community squares in Europe. The community square is divided into two imperative parts along with the gardens and a bandstand. There is a cricket pitch on one end, a memento of the brief English period in Greece. At the northern end, there is the Georgian styled Palace of St. Michael and St. George, and there are French donated café-packed arcades in Liston. The café’s are a wonderful spot for viewing the cricket pitch. The Town Hall square of Liston, which was built in the midst of the 17th century, has very lovely scenery in the company of pleasant taverns and cafés.

St. Spiridon Church

You can also visit the Corfu’s patron St. Spiridon Church with its most valuable emblems and collections of fine gold and silver. For the people of Corfu, the church that is on their island is very important, for it has all of the remains of the island’s patron saint. The remains were placed back from the Constantinople around 1453 and were then set in a silver reliquary that is at the right part of the altar. The church was then made in 1596, and was customarily ornate with fine painted domes and accentuated with elaborate carvings.

The icons are amply well-designed and there is a polished silver censer that is hanging from the ceiling. However, there are many churches that are dotted all throughout the town. They are beautiful ancient icons and relics. However, no church will ever compare to the St. Spiridon Church that the Corfoit’s truly love and endear. In addition, you really have to keep in mind that when you have plans of entering the church, you ought to wear the suitable dress code and remember that mobile phones need to be turned off.


Mon Repos: The Home of Royalty

Mon Repos is a former Royal Estate and the birthplace of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Sir Frederick Adam built this Royal Estate. Adam was a British High Lord in 1824. The estate boasts some bravura and fantastic gardens that include many rare plant series. The ownership of this magnificent estate is presently a subject of legal action between the Greek Government and the ex-King Constantine.

Kanoni: The Town of Legends

Near Corfu town in Kanoni, around the 13th century there was a church that was sitting on Pontikonisi (Mouse Island). According to the legend, Ulysses was cast upon the island because of a storm. Another version of the legend states that the island was made from the boat of the Phaecians; the boat was turned into stone after it returned from carrying Ulysses to Ithaca.

A Few Extras

If you have a real fascination with sail boats, yachts and those expensive motor cruisers, then why not incorporate your evening stroll about the marina of Gouvia. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner at the restaurants, or have ice-cold beer, coffee or ouzo at the café. If you are lucky, you can even have the grand opportunity of booking a flight on the seaplane for a 50-minute trip that will leave you breathless as you view the beautiful islands of Corfu and Paxos.

There are a lot of beautiful sights and views in Corfu, just ask your tour guide for more information.

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