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Chalkidiki is an exceptionally picturesque place to visit, most especially when on holidays. As soon as you see how beautiful the entire place is, you will most certainly regret having to leave at the end of your vacation.

Unfortunately, you are going to find the time will pass by swiftly as there is so much to see and do here. Time does not stand still although when one looks at the historical aspects of Chalkidiki it seems to.

Petralona Cave

The Petralona Cave is the one of the plentiful attractions that catches much attention from the tourists. The cave has stalactites and stalagmites that are utterly astonishing. To think that this amazing cave was not discovered until about the latter part of the 1950’s. Since it has been revealed to the world it has become a “must see” to everyone that visits Chalkidiki. Many people have met the challenge of perusing the entire cave to appreciate the natural wonders that are to be seen here. Neo Moudania is another village that houses caves close to its vicinity. While there, you will also get to enjoy the village as well

Neo Marmaras and Afytos: Quaint but Intriguing

There are two villages that I would recommend you should visit although there are many villages that are each special in their own way. A village nestled by the sea since it was established centuries ago by the Asians is the village of Neos Marmaras. The other seaside village that also presents a wonderful tourist attraction is the village of Afytos. Paradise is the nearest beach to Neos Marmaras, while Moundounou is the nearest to the village of Afytos. These two villages are well worth the visit to explore, and the beaches are stunningly tranquil yet bright and warm. The residents are wonderful, have great reputations of being friendly, and are good guides for areas you might wish to see.

Apostle Paul Tower: A Touch of History

Aside from the general overall ambience of the villages, one must not pass up the opportunity to take some time to visit the Apostle Paul Tower. This is to be found near the Fokea village waterfront.

Possidi Lighthouse: Restored but Authentic

As you leave the Apostle Paul Tower there is still more for you to take in. Right there you will find the Possidi Lighthouse. Although it has been subjected to restoration, it still has a historical aura about it. This lighthouse is the sole standing waterfront structure.

Olynthos: Mosaics of Bygone Years

No vacation to Chaklidiki is complete without seeing firsthand the ruins brought to light by the excavations at Olynthos, an ancient city of this region that has produced some of the most ancient mosaics ever to be found throughout Greece. These date back to the 5th century BC.

Mount Athos: For Men Only

If you are a man then you will have the privilege of being allowed to visit here. For only men are allowed to lay their eyes upon the 20 Byzantine Monasteries and sketes to be found here. Your mode of arrival will be by boat only. It is well worth seeing, as it is the largest of Greece’s monastic community. It is the home to 1,800 monks.

Points of Interest for the Children

There are aspects of Greece with which children are not familiar with the exception of the older ones who have studied about Greece in their schooling. Most children of any age group though with relate to specific renowned names. Excursions to the following may be of some interest to them as they can relate to the names…

  • The chapel of the Virgin Mary which can be found at the Skioni seaside
  • The Zeus temple amongst the ancient ruins in Kallithea
  • Poseidon temple located in Posidi

These special interest locations are sure to intrigue the entire family.

The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros

Here you will get to peruse some of the rarest finds from the surrounding area of Halkidiki.

Stageira Ancient Excavations: The Old and the New

This may be of special interest to those that have studied history. Here is the place where the famed Greek philosopher Aristotle was born. As a testament to this, one can view the statute of Aristotle as well as the nearby now modern village of Stageira.

Something A Little Different

How about a safari ride to add some excitement and activities to your day? You will see some of the most gorgeous sandy beaches, high cliffs, and looming area forests. You will see there are many roads just consisting of no more than dirt, and the only transportation that will get you places easily is through safari jeep. Spending your day having a road trip around Chalkidiki is also a good way of sightseeing.

There are loads of exciting and intriguing things that you are able to do, or can do if you will have your holidays at Chalkidiki. Visit the beautiful ancient cities and ruins. Take the time to enjoy the magnificence of the city and you are sure to have a holiday that you will long remember and cherish.

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